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The vision of the NEDC is to develop the Northeast region of Nigeria into a safe, economically vibrant, ICT driven 21st Century region. In line with that vision, the NEDC, in partnership with selected institutions has established ICT Resource Training Centres across the North with the vision of training the residents of the North East states on highly-demand ICT skills.

We offer a range of training packages in a range of subject areas to offer blended learning opportunities to best meet the needs of our target audience.

The NEDC’s vision leverages a robust local content-driven ICT industry that delivers Social and Economic Services to the people of the Northeast through her trained participants.

We expect that this will, in turn, create more jobs across the region and promote the development of human capacity.

The training will focus on enhancing literacy and skill acquisition modules for youths drawn from different sectors of the community and catchment areas around the centres. Each participant would be trained on Entrepreneurship, Computer Appreciation and Basic Accounting Module, after which participants are grouped into two (based on choice and personal capabilities). While one of the two groups will train on Graphics Design Classes, the other will train on Smartphone Repairs.


The NEDC ICT Resource Program is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many ICT driven vocations who make a difference globally.

  • Rejuvenating The Economy of the North-East – Our students are drawn from across the NorthEast, irrespective of religion, culture and tribal affiliations.

  • Non – Residential Courses – Our courses are non-residential. Candidates are advised to apply to any of the NEDC ICT Resource Training Centres closest to them.

  • People not profits – At the NEDC, it is our belief that education is a right and not a privilege. We have, therefore, moved into partnerships with various stakeholders to ensure that our training remains free to the residents of the NorthEast of Nigeria.


screening exercise for candidates of the NEDC ICT Resource training programAll participants must be resident in the Northeast zone of Nigeria to be eligible, and we do follow a strict selection system aimed at selecting only the best-suited candidates for each of the training categories.

What we look out for

During selection, our selection team looks out for the following –

  1. We try to focus on candidates that meet the set criteria laid down by the team for each unique round of training
  2. Candidates are rigorously interviewed to determine their character fit
  3. Our post-training goal is to establish a skilled workforce for the Northeast, therefore, we focus on candidates that we believe would go all out to establish businesses post-training with little or no added efforts from any government at any level
  4. We try to ensure an even spread of participants selection across all LGAs and senatorial districts of each of the 6 states that make up the Northeast zone of the country.
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Products of Past Participants of The NEDC ICT Resource Centres

About 3,000 Participants Trained Over a Period of 2 years

Become Part of The NEDC ICT Resource Program to Further Your Career.

Maryam Yusuf Jalo

The NEDC ICT Resource Training program has been of immense help to me; I’ve been privileged to acquire new skills that would without a doubt enhance my Henna business. The lecturers were fantastic and they made learning so seamless for us all.

I’m particularly happy that I was admitted into the graphics course as Henna depends on a lot of graphics work, and with the skills that I have acquired, I intend making my personal Henna templates and stickers to help me both save time and standardize my art.

Maryam Yusuf Jalo, 2020-Batch-1